Spring cleaning… Bookish style!

Hey beauties,

I made bookish goal last month to aim to blog more… am I successful? No. So am I going to give up on my goals? Also no.

I’ve been brain storming for a little bit and instead of throwing in the towel like I normally would. I’m going to use Spring as an excuse to change some habits! Out with the old, in with the new.

I actually got this idea from this mornings Instagram struggles – I understand the need to wipe out the ‘fake’ accounts.. but c’mon, a little heads up before wiping nearly 10% of my follower count would have been appreciated. It’s hard not too look at the numbers side of it when a massive chunk is removed at a noticeable pace! HA. Anyway, back to the fact that my instagram was made purely for a hobby – I’m not going to dwell on this minor setback. Accounts left are allegedly active. Great start. So, let’s get back to the hobby part of it!

I’m in a bit of a reading and blogging slump right now and the only thing I seem to be sticking to – are the monthly photo challenges that me and my book bestie, Hayley make. We’re actually planning to do a Spring themed March challenge – so I’ve decided to do a mini blog challenge too! *Eeeeek* My blog is mainly reviews and to jazz it up a little I’ve decided to start adding a little more content. Still mainly bookish – maybe a few ‘meet the bookstagrammer’ style posts. With more than a Q+A. Cos’ no one wants to reread the same thing over and over do they!


So, what are my intentions for Spring?

  1. Stop worrying about the numbers – it’s great to see my account grow, but legit followers we interact with are better than bots!
  2. Create a mini blog challenge – I’ll be sharing this across my social media. It probably won’t be daily because I need to set an achievable goal! But watch this space.
  3. Jazz up my blog content – I’ll be adding more than reviews into my life! (But still keeping it 99% bookish)
  4. Create more interactive posts – I actually have a live giveaway on my IG but keep watch for more collaborative posts!
  5. Find a creative outlet – I’ve been wanting to get a little crafty for a while.. Suddenly it’s mid Feb and this still hasn’t happened, oops. So my March goal is to make it happen!
  6. Enjoy what I’m doing – I’ve seen a lot of negativity lately, some of it has directly impacted me. But it’s time to let go of what doesn’t really matter and focus on enjoying what we’re doing!

If you’ve made it this far – thank you. I appreciate you. Let me know in the comments some content you like to see on bookish blogs. Keep your eyes peeled to see what is on the cards!

Love, Amy x



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