Firstly, thanks for finding my blog! Please feel free to have a look around, you’ll find my ‘Bookstagram’ page at the bottom of my blog if you’d like to read snippets of my daily book diaries!

I’m Amy, 27 from Worcester, UK (Yep, where they make the sauce) and I have been a huge bookworm for as long as I can remember. I’m a huge introvert because – well… people! So you’re most likely to find me somewhere comfortable with a cold cup of tea, because what book lover has EVER remembered they have a piping hot beverage when they are fully emerged in another world?!

I’m an avid reader so one cold day in March 2018 (a short 6 months ago) I decided that I wanted to create an instagram page where I could anonymously talk about my current and favourite reads. Little did I know that there is a HUGE community of bookworms thriving! Quickly my page blossomed, which was when I realised this was a hobby turned addiction and that is when my blog was born.

My favourite genres are: Thriller, Mystery, Chick Lit/Romance, Mythology and retellings and recently YA/Fantasy. (Honestly, if my blog name didn’t give it away, I am obsessed with the magic of fairytales so I’ll happily feature any books/candles/merch on my Instagram and blog for you – get in touch!)

As you can see I am pretty varied in the content I will read/review. However, religious or true crime are not for me so unfortunately I am not accepting review copies in this genre at this time.

Please have a look around, read a review or two and if you’d like to get in touch then absolutely head over to my contact section.

Love, Amy x